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Monday of the Dead final cover

STUART KENYON is the author of MONDAY OF THE DEAD (part 1 of DEAD DAYS, a new 7 book zombie series); the 5 book post-apocalyptic AUGMENTED series; the Readers’ Favorite approved SUBNORMAL trilogy, dystopian thrillers with an Asperger’s hero; and the psychological thriller, SWIFTLY SHARPENS THE FANG

Subnormal cover     Supernormal cover     Postnormal cover


readers' fave

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6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Subnormal is such a great series, I’m wondering what you have in the works for future publications? (In other words…I want MORE…when might I expect that?). Love your work!

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    • Hi Carol, lovely to see you here! Glad to hear you’re enjoying my work so much. I’m currently working on a stand-alone novel, which should be ready by New Year. It tells the story of a mentally-ill young man who is radicalised by a terrorist group. I’m really enjoying writing it at the moment! Are you currently working on anything new?
      Thanks, Stuart 🙂


      • I’m excited to hear that, and I’m looking forward to reading it once it’s released. Currently, I’m taking a bit of a break, but hoping to get to writing book two of our Timewalker series soon. Actually, I did start, but sometimes life interrupts…you know how it goes. Anyway, in the meantime I’ve been trying to improve my Photoshop skills a bit.

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