Some monsters are born… Others are created

Following the death of his father at the hands of terrorists, 22 year-old Joe suffers from depression. Using drink to kill the pain, he abuses himself and alienates his loved ones. His life in post-Brexit Britain is a chaos of binges and fights, while his dreams are haunted by repressed childhood memories.

When the black sheep of the family, Uncle Steve, takes Joe under his wing, the young man enters an ugly world of vice and fascism. Although gang membership means glory, fame and money, it comes at a cost to his soul.

Battling against his own conscience, Joe makes as many foes as friends. And soon, there is no escape from his uncle’s organisation and their racist violence.

Unlike Steve, Joe wasn’t born a monster. But his fangs are getting sharper every day.

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new SN cover

Imagine a utopia where every person has a purpose and not a single life is wasted.

Paul, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, knows slavery in the Zone is intrinsically unnatural. His first personal rebellion at Industrial Zone Four is crushed, and he is forced to suffer alone for years in silence.

Can he and his friends escape imprisonment, beat the odds and restore to the British people a freedom few can remember?

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 new SPN cover

Nearly half a decade has passed since Paul Kelly and his friends ousted dictator Alison Latham.

But a new threat is emerging, in the shape of radical faction Revelation. The army of fanatics aim to restore their idol Latham’s version of utopia by sending “subnormals” like Paul back to industrial zones. and they’re willing to commit unspeakable acts of terror to achieve their goal.

Back in 2015, Paul used his Asperger’s to his advantage. He must do so again if he is to expose the unholy alliance which threatens to destroy everything he holds dear.

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PN cover

The year is 2024, and life for the Zoner Rebels is more hellish than ever before. Despite their best efforts, the world is on the brink of World War 3.

New measures threaten to enslave British citizens forever, and a final, deadly assault against the Resistance Army is imminent. The Zoners are divided, and the rebellion necessary to save the UK seems unlikely.

Asperger’s hero Paul is powerless to act, his abilities exploited by those he once defied. Can he break free and strike one last blow against his enemies, or will he be too late?

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