The Fang has sharpened!

Just a quick announcement to make.

As of today, my new book, SWIFTLY SHARPENS THE FANG, is live!

And for a limited time, it’ll be just 99c/99p. Click here to snag yours!


Some monsters are born… Others are created.

Find out how in this gripping psychological thriller penned by the author of the acclaimed SUBNORMAL trilogy.

Following the death of his father at the hands of terrorists, 22 year-old Joe suffers from depression. Using drink to kill the pain, he abuses himself and alienates his loved ones. His life in post-Brexit Britain is a chaos of binges and fights, while his dreams are haunted by repressed childhood memories.

When the black sheep of the family, Uncle Steve, takes Joe under his wing, the young man enters an ugly world of vice and fascism. Although gang membership means glory, fame and money, it comes at a cost to his soul.

Battling against his own conscience, Joe makes as many foes as friends. And soon, there is no escape from his uncle’s organisation and their racist violence.

Unlike Steve, Joe wasn’t born a monster. But his fangs are getting sharper every day.

“This story of a dystopian, post-Brexit Great Britain is an eye-opener and one that all right thinking people should read” – Amazon review
“I highly recommend to all fans of this genre and anyone who loves an intense, thought-provoking tale. Definitely 5*s!” – Amazon review
“This was one of the most intense books I have read in some time” – Amazon review
“SWIFTLY SHARPENS THE FANG is certainly controversial, hard hitting, and likely to cause a stir” – Amazon review
“There are adult themes and situations in this novel that wouldn’t be appropriate for children, but I think everyone from juniors and seniors in high school and older should read this story. I think we could all do with the reminders that it offers” – Amazon review
“Narrative is raw, disturbing and pulls no punches” – Amazon review
“A gangster novel for the Brexit era” – Amazon review
“Excellent writing, this is a gripping story” – Amazon review
“A cross between FIGHT CLUB and A TIME TO KILL” – Amazon review
“Kenyon’s writing style is excellent, the pace a fast pitched race” – Amazon review
“Swiftly Sharpens the Fang is a wake-up call, and it’s also an excellent psychological read” – Amazon review

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